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Miracle Design and Play - The Five Easy Steps

You're just five easy steps from a play area to be proud of. No more bored kids and hordes of happy parents!

Our area sales managers know exactly how to fill out all those tiresome application forms and can direct clients to the little-known current, relevant funding streams, as well as the more well-known ones.
We offer advice and support on in-depth community consultation as part of our service. We’re experts in generating a little team spirit, even in the most isolated communities! Click here for our free funding guide.
The most important thing is that your design meets the needs of those who will be using the play area. Not everybody has visualisation skills, which can make it almost impossible to communicate the kind of play area you’ve set your heart on.
With our FREE fully-bespoke design service, we use simple, high-impact consultation software to solve this headache, making sure you end up with the exact design you’ve been dreaming about.
By actively promoting consultation days in your local community, we’ll help you ensure that everybody ends up with what they want, including the end users – your community’s children. This not only ensures a successful outcome, but gives community members a sense of involvement and ownership in the process way before its conception.
Our bespoke design means your playground will be one in a million – literally. We don’t organise standardised, ready-made equipment to fit the space available. Instead, we start each individual design from scratch, working hand-in-hand with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), with numerous site visits.


All our schemes adhere to exacting safety standards and the Miracle Design and Play team


Call us for more details on 01604 658240, email or request more information today!

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